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Hello! Welcome to the headquarters of the 31_days Theme Exchange, and thanks for participating. Here's what you need to know to post:

1. You must use the tag provided, and only that tag, for EVERY entry to this community. This is the only way that your recipient will be able to find your piece. Check the Themes emailed to you or message me if you forget/lose your tag.

2. Posts must be in this format (normal 31_days format):Subject line of your entry: [Date] [Series] Fic Title

On the entry itself:


Please post all fics under lj-cut.

3. Fics may be posted anytime between your assignment of themes and midnight, Feb. 19th. However, many authors feel that a big reveal at the end is more dramatic. I'm just sayin'.

4. If you want to go for a big reveal, I still ask that each fic be posted separately. This is just my personal preference; each fic is different and special in their own way, and I think they all deserve separate posts. Sorry if this is inconvenient (which I realize, it is).

5. I understand that this system makes secrecy sort of difficult. I'm going to leave it up to each individual to decide how they want to deal with that; some people feel more strongly about being secret than others. Message me if you are really interested in maintaining secrecy, and we'll work something out (probably me posting the fic in your stead). We're all adults here. If you know who has your themeset, don't bug them about it. If it becomes a problem, I'll have to step in.

Thanks for participating! I think that having this community will really help to keep this organized and rewarding for all the participants. Have fun!